Reference Check

What is Reference Check?
Reference Check refers to a process of identifying a candidate’s professionalism, leadership, risk management ability, adaptability and personality before hiring him/her. While information from an interview is subjective, Reference Check is an important process for making an objective assessment on behalf of a client.
Why is Reference Check necessary?
The process of Reference Check is classified into three steps: Fact check, Performance Check and Detail Check. It helps review every aspect of a candidate in a systematic and thorough way. Most companies currently conduct Reference Check on experienced applicants. As a growing number of companies conduct Reference Check for hiring new employees, it becomes an essential process needed to screen talent.
What are main points of Reference Check?
- Professionalism ? professionalism / authentication of work experiences / performance / sales skills
- Leadership Ability ? ability to lead the team / ability to integrate the team / strategic thinking / motivational skills
- Risk Management Skills ? risk management skills / persuasion skills / negotiation skills
What kinds of Reference Check are there?
- Adaptation Skills ? adaptability / interpersonal relationship and networking/ communication skills
- Executive levels, professionals, experienced applicants, talent from overseas
- Personality ? personality / morality / character and attitude / sense of responsibility

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